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  1. Select the Corporation’s Bank from the dropdown list.
  2. If the name of the desired Bank does not appear in the dropdown list, you must first go to the People and Entities interview (by selecting it from the Interview Outline on the left side of your display), enter the name and any other pertinent information about the Bank and then return to the Banks interview (by selecting it from the Interview Outline) and then complete your selection.
  3. If you work with this bank on more than once occasion, it would be convenient to enter this information in 'Commonly Used People and Entities' so their information only needs to be entered into SpeedMatters once.

  4. Note that if the “Type of Person” is “Individual” in the “People and Entities” interview, that person will not be available for selection as a Bank. If you wish to show an individual as a Bank, go to the People and Entities interview and change the “Type of Person” to “Sole Proprietor” or other appropriate person type.
  5. To allow for accurate reporting at any point in time, enter the Start/Effective Date and, if appropriate, the End/Cessation Date.

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