What are the main features of SpeedMatters?

Updated by Emily Kirby

SpeedMatters for Corporate Law works by intelligently drafting documents through interview screens containing tick-boxes and drop-down menus.

SpeedMatters has a tab for real-time previews so you can see how the document will look before you send it to a word processor. The errors will appear in red and you can easily go back and re-draft in a matter of minutes.

The documents always come out polished, professional, and error-free.

A unique feature of SpeedMatters is the ability to track information over time and produce "point-in-time" reports. In SpeedMatters there is a spot where you can enter a reference date and the screen will fill with the appropriate information about that company at the specific point in time that you entered (for example, the number of directors).

SpeedMatters makes online filing very easy through OnCorp. In the program, there is an option to choose electronic filing and it will generate a text file. All you have to do is save it and bring it into OnCorp and its ready to file.

Other programs require you to enter a date before you enter corporate activities. If one of these corporate activities ends up needing a date change, many activities will need to be undone and re-done. SpeedMatters is designed with the option to leave the date blank to fill in later.

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