Setting Up SpeedMatters™ - Server Environment

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Before Installation on ANY Workstation:

    1. Create a main level folder on the server called HotDocs (ie L:\HotDocs). Each user must have the exact same path mapped to the server, whether using a letter like “L” or using the server name like “lawfirmserver.”

    2. Create the following subfolders, under HotDocs, on the server. 
      • Answers
      • Catalogs
      • Installation Files
      • Templates

      It should look like this:

    3. Place the HotDocs Player (32-bit version or 64-bit version or both) in the Installation Files subfolder. 

    4. Download the SpeedMatters for Corporate Law file and put it in the Installation Files subfolder. 

    5. After you have placed HotDocs Player and SpeedMatters in the Installation Files subfolder, it should look like this:

    6. Installation on EACH Workstation:

    1. If you previously had HotDocs on a workstation, go to C:\Users\Public\Public Documents, or wherever you stored your answer files (*.anx), and move your answer files to the server folder (HotDocs\Answers).

    2. Then delete your local HotDocs folder and all subfolders and their contents:

    3. InstallHotDocs Player on the workstation (32-bit or 64-bit, as appropriate). In some environments, you may have to give administration user/password access to complete the installation. 
    4. Then launch HotDocs Player and Select Tools, then Options from the main menu at the top.

    5. The Options dialog opens as per below – go to File Management on the left and select, on the right, Manage answer files using Windows Explorer. If you have a Document Management system, this setting may remain the same, but you will need to check with your Document Management System’s support people.

    6. Then, still in the Options dialog, select File Locations on the left and you should see the HotDocs folders on the right as well as a Reference Paths section which may be blank:

    7. You need to change all of the HotDocs Folder locations, using Edit, to the server locations as shown below. You then need to Add or Edit the Reference Path to point to the templates folder on the server also.

    8. Then you are ready to install SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law

    Installation on ONE Workstation:

    1. On only one workstation that is connected to the server, install the SpeedMatters for Corporate Law.hdi file. If you followed the steps above, it should set the target path for the library files and template files to the Templates subfolder on the server (ie L:\HotDocs\Templates) – if not, you need to change it, as set forth below:

    2. Once you have completed the installation, when you run HotDocs Player, you will be in the main library where you can choose what to do in SpeedMatters for Corporate Law.

    Installation On Other Workstations

    1. On each of the other workstations, launch HotDocs Player and you will see nothing or just an untitled library. Select File\Open Library and it should take you directly to the server location (L:\HotDocs\Templates) where you should choose LSIsmcorp.hdl and then you will have the exact same SpeedMatters for Corporate Law library as the first station.

    2. In the future, updates will only have to be installed from a single workstation and they will immediately be available on all other workstations.

    Congratulations, your installation of SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law is complete! You can now explore the system, create new corporations, and so much more.

    Before using the software for the first time, you must run the “System Settings” to accept the product’s license agreement and provide some basic information about your office. 

    Click here for instructions on system settings.

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