Setting Up SpeedMatters™ - Standalone

Updated by Emily Kirby

Before running SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law you will need to download and install SpeedMatters for Corporate Law here

  1. Double-click on the installation file provided through ShareFile. It will have an .hdi (HotDocs Install) extension and will be named SpeedMatters for Corporate Law.hdi

  2. On your first use, the installer will suggest a default location for the installation of SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law

  3. Click ‘OK’ to continue.

Congratulations, your installation of SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law is complete! You can now explore the system, create new corporations, and so much more.

Before using the software for the first time, you must run the “System Settings” to accept the product’s license agreement and provide some basic information about your office. 

Click here for instructions on system settings.

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