Installing HotDocs® 11 Player

Updated by Emily Kirby

SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law uses the market-leading software, HotDocs®, as its document automation and generation engine.  Before running SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law you will need to install the free HotDocs® 11 Player.  See detailed instructions below. 

  1. Download the files required to install HotDocs® 11 Player (version 11.2.8) hereYou can choose between HotDocs® Player 11 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the computer's operating system.  Follow these directions to find out what operating system you are running. 

  2. Double click  on the  HotDocs Player EXE file after the download is complete. TheHotDocs® 'Setup' screen will appear.

  3. Click "Next" to continue.

  4. To continue with the installation, accept the terms of the HotDocs® 11 Player license agreement and click “Next."

  5. Select the Setup Type and the System Language. Typical installation and English (Canada) are the default choices.

  6. Next, select a supported Word Processor (from those installed on your computer) to use with HotDocs® and SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law.

  7. The HotDocs® program will begin to install.

  8. When the installation is finished, it will prompt you to view the “Read Me” file and/or "Launch" HotDocs®.

  9. Click “Finish” and the HotDocs® installation will be complete.

Recommended HotDocs® Options & Settings:

  • HotDocs® will provide a warning about any unanswered variables every time you attempt to assemble a document; you may wish to turn off all unanswered questions.

  • See Tools → Options and deselect ‘Display unanswered warning before saving documents’.

You are now ready to install SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law. The instructions for downloading SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law will depend on whether you are installing the software as a standalone version or for a server environment. 

You can find the instructions for standalone installation here.  

You can find the instructions for installing in a server environment here

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