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Welcome! In this knowledge base you will find everything you need to know about SpeedMatters™ for Corporate Law!

SpeedMatters was designed to simplify the collection and management of corporate data and automate the completion of all documents and forms required to incorporate, organize, and maintain Ontario or Canadian corporations.

The lawyers at Lexcor Business Lawyers LLP co-developed this program because they felt that existing programs on the market suffered from too many limitations. 

SpeedMatters is an indispensable tool for both corporate lawyers and lawyers who do not specialize in corporate law thanks to its built-in checklists and helpful hints. 

This interactive knowledge base will help guide you through SpeedMatters™ so you can use the software to its fullest potential. 

Here, you will learn how to navigate through the user-friendly interviews that enable you to quickly and efficiently draft intelligent and dynamic signature-ready documents. 

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