Commonly Used People and Entities

Updated by Emily Kirby

Before any person or entity will be available for selection as an accountant or auditor, bank, director, incorporator, officer, shareholder or solicitor of the Corporation, the name of the person or entity must be entered in the 'Commonly Used People and Entities' interview.

Note: You can also enter the information of people and entities directly into the 'answer file' you are working on by selecting the 'People and Entities' interview on the left side of your display.  This method can be less convenient if you are working with an individual, bank, accountant, etc.  on more than once occasion. In 'Commonly Used People and Entities,' this information only needs to be entered once. 

You should also enter the address and other information pertinent to the person or entity in this interview for use in document preparation and reporting purposes.

Note: for individuals, the person’s proper legal names will go in the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name fields.

By selecting the box “Edit name to be used in documents”, you will have the opportunity to edit the way the person’s name will appear in all documents, other than government forms. For example, if a person’s legal name is “Jonathan Francis Doe”, you may indicate that the “Name to be used in documents” is “John Doe”, in which case the person’s name will be shown as “John Doe” in all documents and signature lines other than in government forms.

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